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Fabric Fantasy & Amazing Manipulations

Fabric Fantasy and Amazing Manipulations

Combine these nifty, natty notions and creatively textured designs into a tucked and twiddled panel. Explore the fascination of intriguingly manipulated Trumpets, 'Crossed over Tucks', the Petal Pattern border and more. All these innovative techniques can be used for quilts, garments and other soft-furnishings.

It is appreciated that students prefer to complete or almost complete their class sample and each class is carefully designed so this should be possible. All classes are suitable for every level of sewing ability. (For a coloured picture - view the workshop on the web site



The panel can be made from one colour or a variety of materials. Important to select fabric with no discernible R/W side for the Trumpets.) Plains (solids -  USA)/hand-dyes/batiks are good choices. If desired, pre-wash all materials but use a spray starch when pressing to restore 'body'. Cotton materials are preferable and students choosing to work all in calico (USA muslin) - it is advisable to select a medium grade rather than a fine fabric.

Please cut all pieces before class - choose to work in Black and cream or any other colour choices. The design can be made in one fabric as shown below. Select a material with no obvious W/S for the Trumpets.  

Centre Panel: Twiddled Trumpets

Eight 6½" (16 cm) Cream squares for Trumpets (fabric choice should have no obvious W/S)

Four 8" (20 cm) Black squares for background


Borders: Crossed Over Tucks (top and bottom of central panel)

Two 5" (12.5 cm) wide x 39" (98 cm) approx in length Cream strips


Petal Pattern (border above top Crossed over Tucks Panel)

Five 3½ x 6½" (16.5 x 9 cm) Cream rectangles

Two 3½" (9 cm) Cream squares 

Six 3½" (9 cm)  Black squares 


Scalloped design  (Bottom  Border)

Three 3½ x 6½" (16.5 x 9 cm) Cream rectangles

Two 3½" (9 cm) Cream squares (If using second colour – cut Two squares same colour as rectangles and Six squares in the second colour)

Six 3½" (9 cm) Black squares


Double Scalloped Design (top border) 

Three 3½ x 6½" (16.5 x 9 cm) Cream rectangles

Two 2½ x 4½" (7 x 11 cm) Cream rectangles

Six 3½" (9 cm) Black squares 

Additional  25 cm x full width of fabric of both fabrics for internal borders and outer border, other inserts & binding

36 x 25" (65 x 90cm) backing fabric & wadding

Threads to match fabrics

Pencil and notepad

Rotary cutting equipment

General sewing accessories

Sewing machine plus all presser feet &

instruction book & foot control!

Camera (take pictures of stage samples)

Spectacles (if needed)