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NEW BOOK - Material Magic


SPECIAL OFFER - Signed copy  £10 

Material Magic 

From Japanese Folded Patchwork to bowls, vases and re-usable Christmas Crackers with a spot of Interlocking Hexagons thrown in for good measure, you can ponder over the pages and enjoy creativity. Fold, twitch and tweak circles over a selection of geometric shapes for some fantastic effects. Just play ... read the words and have a go. You will be amazed by your own ingeniousness. Ideal for all ages and abilities, this book will provide hours of fun and inspiration for fabulous ingenious creations.

Many of the designs can be hand sewn although use of a sewing machine is encouraged. For accurate cutting of specific shapes and sizes, a rotary cutter, cutting mat and acrylic ruler are recommended.

So JFDI - just flipping-well do it - ‘cos you can!

48 pages A4 Full colour photographs of each stage plus samples of finished designs.

If you prefer to send a cheque then write to Jennie Rayment, 5 Queen St, Emsworth, PO10 7BJ - cheque addressed to J Rayment. 

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