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Textured Landscapes

Textured Landscapes

3 Hr Zoom Sew Along with Jennie Rayment

Fri 7th May 10 - 1.00pm


Create a unique 3D textured, embroidered and embellished landscape. Discover the manipulative marvels of scrunching, ruching, tucking, folding, inserting and pleating for a dynamically tactile design.Creative play for all - twiddle and fiddle your way through a wide range of amazingly manoeuvred machinations. No artistic ability required - it can’t go wrong and if the result is not as intended, the effect will just be a little different! Learn the techniques then follow construction demo. Fabric fiddling for all! (Class video available for six months) 


Payment via Paypal button below or email Jennie on to settle by BACS or cheque