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Zoom and Video Classes

Zoom classes are recorded and included in class fee.

If unable to attend, purchase the class and watch at leisure.

(Videos available for six months after purchase)  

Fun and Frolics – a Zoom evening with Jennie and Wendy

2 Hr Infotainment! Fri 15th 5.30 – 7.30pm

Join us for an early evening of enjoyable fun, fabric frolics and much more! Start with a cocktail/mocktail demo and mix along with us (ingredient list sent beforehand), then settle down for a quick talk by raconteur Jennie sharing some Lockdown experiences! Next, a super fast, Wendy demos a super easy cosmetic caddy demo. Great project for remnants, makes a fabulous gift and suitable hold-all for all sorts of knickknacks! Followed by a fabric basket demo by Jennie. (Two delightful projects to make later when viewing the recorded video.) Finish with a fun Bingo session that everyone can join. First full line wins a patchwork pattern from Jennie, Full House wins both Demo projects made earlier

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Boro Patchwork Bag Zoom Class with Jennie Rayment 

3 Hr Sew along:Thurs 21st Jan 10 - 1.00pm 

Got lots of scraps - why not try this technique? Experiment with machine made Boro (Japanese word referring to reworking and repairing fabrics through piecing, patching and stitching, in order to extend their use) and create a flat bottomed bag. Make a small panel for the side of a bag or watch the bag demo, continue with the technique  and complete at a later stage. Fabulous way to use up scraps and recycle old materials. Simple to make and really can't go very wrong - if you get a gap - stick another patch on top! (Suitable for all abilities.)

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Applique Trio Zoom Class with Wendy Gardiner

3 Hr Sew Along: Thurs 21st Jan 2-5.00pm

Applique adds another dimension to projects – whether it is for clothing, furnishings or crafts. There are different types of applique – which basically means adding a fabric motif to a base. Start by looking at how to choose applique fabric and how to use Bondaweb (double sided fusible webbing). Explore regular applique with a satin stitch border, reverse applique and free motion applique. Make three samples which can then be used as part of a project later. (Suitable for all abilities.)

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Boxes Galore Zoom Class with Jennie Rayment

3 Hr Sew Along: Sat 6th Feb 2 - 5.00pm 

From a plain square box to hexagonal ones or indeed other shapes  - with or without lids, this class shows you how to make. Boxes are stiffened so ideal for use yet washable and light. Can be made from two Fat Quarters or equivalent and once you have learnt the technique you can increase or decrease the size making the boxes suitable for many intentions. Learn how to do a successful Satin Stitch and what presser feet to use. Finally twiddle the side seams or leave elegantly flat.


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Trio of Zips Zoom Class with Wendy Gardiner

1.5 Hr Sew Along  Sat 6th 10 – 11.30am

Brush up on your dressmaking techniques and master three zip insertion methods in this 90 minute class. Cover lapped zip, invisible zip (with invisible zip foot) and fashionable exposed teeth zip insertion. Make three samples so that you can decide which to use on future projects. Great chance to conquer your fear of attaching zips and learn new contemporary methods. (Suitable for all abilities.)

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Parcel of Pockets Zoom Class with Wendy Gardiner

1.5 Hr Sew Along Sat 6th Feb 12 - 1.30pm

Everyone loves a pocket or two! Extend your dressmaking skills with this 90 minute technique class making three types of pockets that you can add to any garment even if it is not included in the pattern. Cover a simple patch pocket, self-lined patch pocket with piping and a side seam pocket. Learn to make the pattern template and then construct the pocket.

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Origami Twist & Cross Over Tucks with Jennie Rayment

3 Hr Sew Along: Thurs 18th Feb 10 - 1.00pm 

Play with textured surfaces and create two cushion fronts/quilt blocks or utilise for a tote. Two pleasingly simple tactile effects with a multitude of possibilities for further exploration. Embellish and enhance with stitch, beads, ribbons and threads. Simple techniques to take you into a world of twiddling, fiddling, rolling and folding. Quick and easy - it's magical manipulation.

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Sewing with Stretch Fabric: Make a T-Shirt Zoom Class with Wendy Gardiner

3 Hr Sew Along: Thurs18th Feb 2-5.00pm

Stretch fabric is fabulous to work with – so forgiving and requires minimal fitting as it stretches and moulds to the figure! But it can be tricky to prevent unwanted stretch, or get slipped stitches. Join Wendy to make a T-shirt at the same time as learning trips and techniques of sewing with stretchy fabric. You will need New Look 6735 (sizes 10-22) available from (Suitable for all abilities.)

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Cathedral Windows, Secret Gardens and Bow Ties with Jennie Rayment

3 Hr Sew along: Thurs 4th Mar 2 - 5.00pm

Discover how to make a true Cathedral Window patch by hand or machine, understand the Secret Garden. Learn how to make a facsimile often called a Bow Tie. Explore use of colour with both designs. Tuck that favourite piece of fabric in the 'windows', discover different stitch techniques for sewing 'windows' in place. Play with the faux version and study its equally diverse potential. Ideal class for those who like to sew by hand. Combine two Cathedral Windows for an elegant pincushion/or small panel. Create an additional panel with the Bow Tie. Hand sewers enjoy - no need to sew frantically as you can watch the video later. Machinists will complete both designs in the class. (Suitable for all abilities.)

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Fabric Covered Rope Basket Zoom Class with Wendy Gardiner

1.5 Hr Sew Along: Thurs 4th Mar 10 – 11.30am

Try your hand at machine sewing a 3D basket! It is very simple to do with a couple of fat quarters and cotton washing rope! You will get to grips with the technique of wrapping and stitching and then finishing by making handles. Once mastered the technique, make bigger baskets with additional decoration. It’s a fun 90 minute class to expand your repertoire of projects (and makes a great gift too!). (Suitable for all abilities)

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Bubble Technique Chic Clutch Zoom Class with Wendy Gardiner

1.5 Hr Sew Along: Thurs  4th Mar 12 – 1.30pm

I love to create different textures using a sewing machine and simple sewing. This bubble technique is created with soluble stabilisers and straight stitch. Create a panel and use it to make a stylish clutch bag – or of course, you could make a cushion front, a tote bag or whatever! It is all about mastering a new technique in just 90 minutes. (Suitable for all abilities.)

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Explore Log Cabin Zoom Class with Jennie Rayment

Take this very versatile technique and play! Discover how simple and speedy the basic steps can be then add extra oomph. Explore Courthouse Steps, discover Cornerstones, look at different centre shapes and experiment with a Log Cabin based heart - ideal for Valentine's Day perchance? Great class for all who wish to understand and develop the building blocks of this of oh so traditional design. Series of samples will be made plus a completed heart ready for use in quilts or as cushion front etc.. (Suitable for all abilities.)

£20 Video available for six months - requirements sent on purchase - Click here to buy






Crazy Patchwork Cushion Cover with Piping Video

with Wendy Gardiner

You will learn to create a crazy patch front panel – brilliant for using up remnants, and then add piping, going around the corners and joining ends neatly before finishing the cushion backs with neat buttonholes. It’s such a fabulous technique, doesn’t require fiddly minutely matched seams but still produces stunning results!

Suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities


£20             Video available for six months, requirements sent on purchase - click here to buy





Blazing Star Video 

with Jennie Rayment

Unlock the mystery of the Blazing Star! Learn to cut strips at angles, work with the correct grain - no funny bias edges in strange places. Understand how mirror imaging the sections works for the best result. Achieve matching points with Jennie’s neat tricks. Keep those seams accurate and the design  flat! Complete the Star with either Y seams or a ‘cheats’ method,  you will be shown both and you can choose.

Class suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities.

£20       Video available for six months, requirements will be sent on purchase  - click here to buy 




Dresden Swirly Video

with Jennie Rayment

Take a Dresden Plate to a new level and explore the possibilities of this traditional patchwork, play with colour, shape and form. Learn how to use a Bargello techinique to create a swirly design. Go wild with the pattern or play it simple. Look at different edging techniques and how to bind and complete. Use the completed circle as a cushion, quilt centre, table decoration or even a bag. Learn accurate piecing and how to cope if it's goes awry! This is class for everyone - you can stay safe or be adventurous! Template provided 

Suitable for all abilities

£20    Video available for six months, requirements & template sent on purchase - click here to buy 




Floradorable Lily Block Video

with Jennie Rayment

Simple to cut, simple to piece, just squares, strips and rectangles. This unique textured design can be twiddled, fiddled and manipulated creatively or left elegantly plain. Deliciously ingenious, easy to make and fun for all. Machine or hand stitch. Ideal as a quilt block/cushion/bag/home decor. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Suitable for all abilities.

£20    Video available for six months, requirements sent on purchase - click here to buy 







Expand and Explore your Sewing Machine Video

 with Wendy Gardiner

If you’ve been sewing scrubs, masks and scrub bags but are nervous about venturing into other projects, this is perfect class for you. Explore your machine with confidence and learn to use some of the fabulous features and functions. Four must-have techniques for to try out, each using a different foot! Work on small samples, put together for a bag front or cushion cover. Use an overedge foot to create twisted tucks, a zipper foot for piping, a walking foot and guide to sew perfectly parallel rows and a buttonhole foot to make buttonholes a breeze!

Suitable for all abilities.

£20    Video available for six months, requirements sent on purchase - click here to buy 






Starry Lights & Re-usable Crackers

with  Jennie Rayment 

Jennie presents her uniquely designed textured six point star table decoration, wall hanging or hanging ornament, a novel notion in two different sizes. Place a candle or flowers in the centre, alternatively lay the decoration over a small mirror for extra sparkle. Add a little appliqué, play with the points. Mount two stars back to back for an ingenious hanging. Why not layer two different sizes for even more ‘wow’ factor!? Complete the festive preparations with a re-usable cracker. Fill the centre with your choice of gift, add funny joke and maybe a hat if you must!! Once ‘pulled’ this cracker can be refilled for next occasion. (Class is suitable for all abilities.)

Suitable for all abilities.

£20    Video available for six months, requirements & template sent on purchase - click here to buy  





Fun with Fabrics and Fizz

Join Wendy Gardiner and Jennie Rayment to create some fun, fast and simple Christmas themed projects whilst enjoying chat, laughter and a little bit of bubbles!

Wendy will show how to make Pressie Pockets, Fabric Baubles and Crafty Coasters and Jennie will share a really simple speedy specs case, Christmas birdy bunting and an extra special Robin pin cushion!

Suitable for all abilities.

£20    Video available for six months, requirements sent on purchase - click here to buy 





Make a Practical Handbag with Hardware Video

with  Wendy Gardiner

Make this fabulous handbag at your leisure following this pre-recorded class. The bag has a handy pouch pocket on the front, soft fabric handles, and is fully lined with a zipped pocket inside as well as a double patch-pocket for phone, pens and lippy!

Sew along with Wendy from the comfort of home as you make this bag, learning a wide variety of techniques along the way. And of course as it is pre-recorded, you can stop, pause, replay etc at your own pace.

Suitable for all abilities.

£20    Video available for six months, requirements sent on purchase - click here to buy