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Knickers! I got hacked in either Hong Kong or Singapore or even Melbourne - some whatsit got at me - and after the Pineapple disaster this is ghastly.
Please be aware that I never send emails with just attachments - there is always waffle and there should always be a proper title in the heading not just Re: or something very simple.
Blooming little *******!!!
Or Chicken Bunting and a Fluffy Fat Cat

Watch Create and Craft on Easter Sunday - 8.00am   
Love to you all
 Oh have changed the joke!

If you are looking for a nice pieceful weekend 

Eazy Peazy Patchwork DVD

Jennie takes you through a step by step guide to six 12” square traditional designs: Amish Friendship Star, Log Cabin, Rail Fence and more. Learn to cut, sew and press squares and triangles with confidence and skill. Combine the designs for a small Sampler quilt. Ideal for all beginners. Have your own personal teacher on your screen! 2 hr 15 min

 £12.95 (Including postage & packing to any destination in the world - one price for all countries.)

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