Diary and Schedule of Classes





Here are all of the bookings for this year

A = Afternoon, L = Lecture, E = Evening, W/S = Workshop

Only brief details are given - for further information contact the Guild, organisation or store, please. (All dates are inclusive of travelling time.)


Aug 31 - Sep 3rd Harrogate Quilt Show, Harrogate, Yorks


Sept 5th Emsworth Girls

Sept 8th Bee Crafty, Ellington,

Sept 11th Richmond & Kew EL

Sept 12 - 18th Paducah Quilt Show USA

Sept 19th Mead Quilters, Wheathampstead, Herts EL

Sept 27th Haslemere Quilters, Haslemere, Surrey EL

Sept 29 - 30th Oh Sew Sweet Shop, Wombwell S73 8UE www.ohsewsweetshop.co.uk


Quilters Guild Open Day, Guildford Surrey WS -  


Oct 2nd Bourne Quilters, Emsworth, Hampshire EL

Oct 3rd Emsworth Grils

Oct 7th Bourne Quilters, Emsworth, Hampshire WL

Oct 11th Little House of Patchwork, Chichester

Oct 12 - 13th IOW

Oct 14th Haslemere Quilters, Haslemere, Surrey WS

Oct 19th Royal Manor workshops, Portland, Weymouth

Oct 20 - 22nd Guernsey WI, Guernsey


Nov 3rd - 5th Creative Sewing Weekend. Midhurst, Surrey  


email wagardiner@ntlworld.com

Nov 7th Emsworth Girls

Nov 12 - 17th Sewing Retreat, Seabank Hotel, Malta retreat@justhands-on.tv

Nov 18 - 19th SW Quilters

Nov 21 - 23rd Sew Creative Wroxham Barns, Norfolk

Nov 25th Bee Crafty, Ellington


Dec 1st - 2nd Weston-super-mare?? TBC

Dec 5th Emsworth Girls Christmas party

Dec 18th Beaconsfield WI


It is never too late to make a booking: if Jennie is coming to your county/state/country - why not arrange a workshop? She has car and likes flying, can even swim if needed although the sewing machine gets wet.